About Off-Road Army

Freedom Loving Americans

Krusty's Mom and StepfatherJeanne and Jaymes are just Freedom Loving Americans who have worked hard all our lives.

Jaymes is retired from the Army with 20 years active duty. Most of his duty assignments were in Infantry units. He started out as a Private First Class and ended up retiring as a Major. After the Army, he started figuring out website and internet development and has done that ever since.

Jeanne retired after 38 years with AT&T as an application integration manager. After AT&T, she has worked various jobs from Rentals Management to Landscape Development. Now she is helping Jaymes with his internet passions. Honestly though, if she had her way, she’d spend all day every day doing interior design. She loves that stuff!

How does this relate to Off Road Army, well it doesn’t.

However, we are also parents and grandparents and our children and grandchildren are quite the adventurers. They are into everything from mountain biking to dirt bikes and side-by-sides. A couple were doing BMX right out of diapers. Of course, we have to go to these events! Right?? We loved it! The excitement, the fun, the camaraderie, being outdoors, and all the great people!

That brings us to OffRoad.army and OffRoadTube.army. After attending a mudding event we began thinking about what kind of internet sites out there were specifically for Off-Road Enthusiasts. Searching the internet we found many sites for Off Roading. Most of the sites we found were forums or blogs. Of course we found many social media sites but we did not find one specifically for Off Road enthusiasts and none of the social media sites we found primarily support the Off Road experience. So we set out to make one.

OffRoad.Army Mission

Become the premiere Off Road Social Media platform for the entire Off Road Community to share their experiences, adventures, and love of the Off Road Sport, Hobby and/or Pastime while interacting with a world of other Off Road enthusiasts. Become All Things Off Road!

OffRoad.Army Intent

Take any resources that become available to support the Off Road Community including sponsoring events, teams, drivers, parks, and tracks. The Only Social Media Site Directly Supporting the Off Road Community!